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Designer desires creeping in

In Uncategorized on July 21, 2012 at 9:31 pm

It’s happened.

I really never thought it would but it. has. happened. I’ve started taking notice of designer handbags. That’s right, those insanly out-of-my-price range accessories. Places to keep your keys an wallet basically – your presumably empty wallet.

I was never the kind of girl to even show a flicker of interest in a designer bag. Quite the opposite, I loftily declared that most of them were ugly and I wouldn’t be caught dead spending that much on anything, even if I had the money. I did love bags though, and had quite a collection, but I can’t say there was much variety there. I was that teenager with the big hand woven free spirity-hippie-I’ve-been-in-South-America-but-not-really sling bags. You know the type, you’ll always find them in a stall or a shop that smells like too much incense. The bohemian bag could hold a change of clothes, shoes, a coat, hell a cat if you wanted, and more but it did make finding, say – a hairclip nigh on impossible. Not to mention that there are two major reasons I should not be encouraged to carry a large bag: 1. My back is quite prone to injury. 2. As a former girl guide it is my duty to “Be Prepared”, so I tend to carry extra everything and more, whenever my bag gives me that choice. These two factors don’t mix well. (Owww)

I still have a soft spot for the sling bag but there comes a time when a girl needs to branch out, examine other baggy beauties. When I did step out into the world of satchels, pouches, cases, sacks and  actual hangbags, it was a breath of fresh air, a literal weight off my shoulders.  The satchel feels smart and professional, the vintage ulpostered look one is a nod to the quirk inside, the plain old pleather gives me a chance to add my own touches (new strap, brooch, etc). and now DESIGNER handbags are cathcing my eye.

Oh dear! What have I become! The sling bag toting girl wouldn’t be caught dead with one of those! What silliness it must represent, being , after all, a super expensive sack for your stuff. I suppose it’s been creeping in for a while now but the realisation just hit me when browsing trhough a Dublin vintage store Siopaella‘s sale online. They have this lovely little powder blue Marc Jacobs bag marked down to 295 euro! I feel silly even saying that because let’s get one thing straight – I will not be purchasing this bag. I may have started to have feelings for the designer swag but I am not yet willing or able to spend that kind of money. But for now I can acknowlegde the desire and embrace this new side of me.

Oh how I have changed!