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One small stepped for LinkedIn, One giant leap for me-kind

In Uncategorized on November 13, 2012 at 6:55 pm

So it is upon me.

The snugly cocoon that is university can only protect me for so long now. The fortifications are cracking from outside pressures and my own internal squirming. The other day I joined Linked In – another layer of childhood crumbled. Linked In, endless revising of CVs, researching postgrads, finally giving in to twitter. These are of my own making.

The outside pressures include the fact that this BA course is ending soon. So, so soon. I have been nice and protected in here for 4 years now. Having a timetable, knowing where I’ll be the following year, moving on to a – relatively- new topic every 4 months. Nice intellectual freedom. It’s all coming to an end. Out beyond the sticky,silky,hard, soft ( I don’t know, what do cocoons feel like, am I a moth or a butterfly? Has this metaphor been stretched too far? Like.. say.. a silken cocoon thread… enough!!!)

Beyond the boundaries of this course lies uncertainty. Now, of course, I am being dramatic. It’s not like I have no idea what’s out there in THE REAL WORLD. It’s not like that place is so radically different that my mind will be blown, but still. Forgive my melodrama and indulge me for a moment. Linked In is the beginning of the end but a beginning nonetheless! Postgraduate study is an attractive option. A change of direction is appealing too. So is the chance to put all I’ve learned to work, get some good experience, maybe even- whisper it- earn some cash! What about working abroad? The security of 4 years of study was great but I remember a time when I looked on it with dread. Stuck in one area for 4 years- Hell no! Clearly I adapted, a bit too well maybe.

Now it’s time to remember that having multiple options is a good thing. A very good thing. Seriously, too many options can never really be a bad thing. So it’s time I faced next years uncertainty head on and say ’I have no idea where I’ll be this time next year…awesome’.