New Shoes for Short Legs

In Uncategorized on July 15, 2012 at 7:14 pm

I bought myself a new pair of shoes the other day, which is always a small bit exciting. Now I’m by no means a shoe-person (part human, part shoe?), I’ve stubbornly avoided heels all through my teens and early twenties – until recently. Now the time has come for me to take these foot accessories a bit more seriously.

Eh, serious in a fun way.

You see, I am short. I tower below everyone I know at a whopping five foot, no inches. Being a lady of lesser stature has its advantages, sure, I know tall girls who are self conscious of their height and there are women who don’t like to be taller than their love interests. When you’re nearly 6 foot tall this -for lack of a better word- shortens your list of prospective romances. But all in all, most of us long to be averge height, or at least no one longs to be short.

Apart from the obvious need for help reaching the top shelf, my shortness of leg has lead to one recent sartorial problem: the long skirt. I have fallen for the midi and full length skirt and I’ve fallen hard. I love the flowy feel of cloth, adding a bit of mystique to a pair of otherwise uninteresting pins. It can make an outfit special with minimal effort. The long skirt is both feminine and versatile.

My problem, dear reader (though I’m talking to myself here) is that long skirts on short people require heels.  Don’t ask me why but in a long skirt flats make my legs look stumpy, feet and ankles peeping out from under the hem, obviously disappointed with themselves. Sandals seem to do the trick as they don’t look too out of place but the wrong shoe looks…. well, WRONG.

So, today I picked up a pair of velvety black lace-up wedges. Wedges because, as a newcomer to serious footwear, I have not yet mastered the art of walking in heels without looking drunk or in need of hip replacement. Something happened when I laced up these velvet shoe-boots (shoots?) and took my first steps – it didn’t hurt. No pain and what’s more, I didn’t stumble! This could be the start of a love interest with wedges. Black is just the beginning, there is a world of kookie shoes out there.

On an unrelated shoe note, how cool are these?!

Candela-NYC Sample Sale


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